David Myers is a trumpet player, recording engineer, audio producer, live sound engineer and video producer based out of Tuscsaloosa, AL. He has been performing music for the last twenty years, and uses his experience and knowledge in his recording studio at The University of Alabama.

David began studying music in grade school, taking private lessons with a myriad of professional musicians, notably Larry Black of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. He earned his Bachelor of Music degree at Western Carolina University in Commercial Music and Electronics, and studied trumpet with P. Bradley Ulrich and Larry Black.

During his time at WCU, he studied recording and mixing technique, live sound reinforcement, and became familiar with multiple DAWs and audio production software. He worked as the lead audio engineer on a major composition and recording project named The Harmony Initiative, which he presented at the National Conference of Undergraduate Research hosted at the University of Kentucky. Additionally, he also served as webmaster for The Pride of the Mountains Marching Band, and worked on the campus newspaper as a graphic designer.

After studying at WCU, David accepted a full assistantship to The University of Alabama to pursue a Masters in Music Performance as a graduate teaching assistant for The Million Dollar Band. While in attendance at UA, David performed in the Wind Ensemble, Symphony Orchestra, Big Band, and as a featured soloist for The Million Dollar Band.

He helped redesign the Jazz Department recording studio, and provided recording services for the school’s various instrumental and vocal programs. As part of his assistantship, David worked closely with The Million Dollar Band, and helped direct and assist the ensemble with live sound reinforcement, and brass captions.

David has had the opportunity to perform and produce music on hundreds of projects. From original musical theater programs, to original albums, music ranging in genres from Classical to Rock to CCM and EDM, David has a wide breadth of experience to help inform his musical decisions. He is always open to working on new and exciting projects, and loves the challenge of using his skills to help create music for others.

A major component of David’s job at The University of Alabama is recording, and maintaining the School of Music digital archive. David records every recital and concert at the Moody School of Music. He also livestreams and archives video of the concerts on YouTube. David, in conjunction with his colleague Michael Wilk, have helped increase the publicity and reach for the School of Music considerably, garnering almost 100,000 views on the YouTube channel in a little over a year.

Additionally, David has streamlined the file distribution system by which students receive their content by digitizing and organizing the recordings, including some of the school’s extensive analog recording archive. He has helped update the recording systems as well by using high quality cameras and microphones.

In addition to working as the senior audio/visual engineer for the University of Alabama, David also enjoys working with many other organizations and production companies and clients. He is a live sound engineer for EatMyBeats, a great, local production company that provides audio and video to the Southeast United States.

Additionally he provides production for private and special events, and has worked with many local artists, bands and entertainment companies in the area. David is currently working with the Pelham High School Marching Band for their 2018 season, helping provide sound reinforcement and sound design for their halftime show.

Concurrently, he also works as a video producer, creating content for various social media accounts. He shoots and edits many special projects, including interview-style videos, concert videos, audition tapes and music videos.


David Myers is the senior audio/visual engineer at the University of Alabama Moody School of Music.

He plays trumpet, works as a live sound engineer, and produces music and video in his studio in Tuscaloosa, AL.

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