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Audio Engineering

David Myers began his audio engineering career at Western Carolina University while pursuing his B.M. degree in Commercial Music and Electronics. While attending WCU, David was enrolled in classes for live sound reinforcement, music in media and motion pictures, recording and mixing technique, Pro Tools certification, Finale and MIDI synthesis.

In addition to his classes, he also completed a capstone project called The Harmony Initiative, which he presented at the National Collegiate Undergraduate Research symposium.

The Harmony Initiative was a “composition-by-committee”, created by composers all around the world via an online portal and website. Visitors to the website were invited to compose melodies over pre-designed harmonies and submit them for review and inclusion in the final piece.

After the piece was composed with user submissions, the music was recorded in the University’s recording studio, and video was shot during the recording process to create a showcase after the project was completed.

After attending WCU, David began attending The University of Alabama as a Graduate Teaching Assistant for the Million Dollar Band. David worked with Michael Wilk as the Front of House engineer, and traveled around the country with the band.

In addition to working with the band, David also worked with Chris Kozak and the UA Jazz Department to help renovate the jazz recording studio. David wrote a user manual for the new studio hardware during an independent study, in order to help future students and faculty utilize the recording space.

David currently works with The University of Alabama School of Music as the senior audio/visual engineer. He is tasked with recording and archiving all recitals and concerts during the concert season at the School of Music, as well as provide production support and planning for concerts and shows in the Moody Concert Hall.

David has worked to update and modernize the School of Music recording services, providing high definition audio and video recordings to students and faculty, as well as multi-camera live streaming on YouTube for all events in the School of Music.

In addition to his work at UA, David also works as a freelance recording and mixing engineer. He works out of his studio in Tuscaloosa, AL, producing music for local and regional artists of varying genres. David has released music on his own independent record label named Title Town Records.


David Myers is the senior audio/visual engineer at the University of Alabama Moody School of Music.

He plays trumpet, works as a live sound engineer, and produces music and video in his studio in Tuscaloosa, AL.

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